Pet Door Replacement Flaps
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Classic Pet Door Replacement Flaps

PetSafe Classic Replacement Flaps

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The PetSafe Classic Replacement Flap is tinted and has embedded magnets at the bottom of the flap. There are ribs (nubs) along the top - no screw holes.

Keep in mind if the flap you are replacing is CLOSE to our dimensions listed, then this would be the correct replacement flap.  There is a noticeable difference between close counts when replacing your flap.  These flaps have not changed in measurements over the years.

How to Replace PetSafe Classic Flaps

PetSafe Classic Flap Replacement Sequence

PetSafe Classic Replacement Flaps

PetSafe Classic Small Replacement Flap
PetSafe Classic Medium Replacement Flap
PetSafe Classic Large Replacement Flap
PetSafe Classic Extra Large Replacement Flap

PetSafe Classic Flap Details

Classic Flap design differences

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