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Pet Door Flaps

Pet Doors are quickly becoming a 'must have' item for nearly every pet owner. Pet Doors provide mobility for pets allowing them access to the outside without the intervention of human contact and supervision. A pet that has the freedom to go outdoors is a happier, healthier pet.

The Need for Maintaining the Flap Component on Pet Doors

Doors for pets are varied and there is a broad selection to choose from depending on the location of the installation. There are specific models made for install into doors, walls, sliding glass patio doors, sash window, side sliding windows, screens and even French Doors. Most pet owners choose a flexible flap pet door because they are the easiest for any type of pet to use. Often rigid or hard flap doors cause irritation and create hesitation for a pet to use. Flexible flap doors also provide for a much better sealing opening or barrier to the outside as compared to hard flap pet doors. There are varying grades of quality found in different door composition and well as various degrees of effective weather seal ability depending on the chosen model. Pet Door manufacturers are keenly aware of these tendencies; which explains why there are so many more flexible flap models on the market than rigid hard flap models.

Flaps on Pet Doors should be replaced at intervals to ensure that the seal is maintained. There are various grades of vinyl in doors, some are inexpensive but still provide a very good seal...but do not last indefinitely. Other brands like the MaxSeal® by Security Boss® Manufacturing are UV treated, heat treated for use in extreme climate considerations and structurally reinforced for strength. A MaxSeal® Flap may last 3-4 times longer than a lesser expensive flap. The life of your door and how it functions is direct correlation to the cost. In nearly every circumstance though, a flexible flap will yield higher product satisfaction than a hard flap model.

What you need to know Pet Door Flaps

Every manufacturer makes lines of doors that allow you to choose a size depending on the size of your cat or dog and how many pets will use the opening. The consumer should realize that every manufacturer has their own UNIQUELY SIZED PET DOORS. Because of this, it is not possible to use the replacement flap of one manufacturer on the product of another. Many designate their sizes as small, medium, large and extra large pet doors, however, these sizes do not correlate to the same of another manufacturer.

The Major Players in the Pet Door Industry

There are several brands of pet doors offered on the market, however only a few that are considered major players in the industry. These manufactures have been offering quality products with high levels of customer satisfaction. As a consumer you should keep two important points in mind; the quality of the door you wish to have based on the cost you are willing to pay and the after sale support that is expected as you use your product through the years.

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